Add/Modify Elements

Add/Modify Elements – features for adding/modifying additional studs, support studs, bridging/noggin elements, etc.

Add Additional Stud

Add Additional Stud – adds additional stud into selected frame with predefined settings. 

Additional Stud sizes

Type – select the family and type that will be used for stud. 

Width (b) – shows b size of selected type.

Depth (h,d) – shows h or d size of selected type. 

Define Depth (h,d) by Layer ThicknessWall+M will automatically create new type for selected family with new depth equal to selected wall layer thickness. 

Rotate 90°, Rotate 180°

Rotate 90°, 18 – Stud can be rotated 90 or 180 degrees to its initial position. 

Rotate 90° is ticked:

Rotate 90° is unticked:

Insert Direction from Selected Stud

Insert Direction from Selected Stud – predefine insertion direction left or right of selected stud. 

Example: Additional stud is inserted to the left of selected stud:

Distance Lock to

Distance Lock to – an additional stud can be inserted with predefined distance from selected stud, wall start/end, or selected external element.

Distance/Spacing, Spacing and Number

Distance/Spacing – predefine the distance from selected position (selected stud, wall start/end or selected external element) to additional element.

Spacing – the distance between studs.

Number – the number of studs.

Example: Two additional studs were added to the right side of selected stud with predefined distance and spacing:

Frame Side

Frame Side – choose whether stud should be applied in the center-centered, center-sided, external, or internal side of the frame.  

Build in Place

Build in Place – writes Yes/No information into the stud instance parameter if it is build-in-place or is prefabricated with whole wall frame. This parameter can later be used in schedules or view filters.