Sheet Templates allows you to place Views automatically on sheets.

Workflow for using sheet templates:

1. Create Assembly with selected configuration.

2. Place views on the sheet(s).

3. Go back to that configuration, and select Sheet Template, which is the sheet of the assembly you've created.

4. If you are interested in how to use a Sheet Template that was created in a previous project, check our article about Template projects.

In the Sheets dialog window, you can select Sheets from an assembly that has already been created to use them as Sheet Templates. 

For future assemblies with this configuration, Views will be placed on the sheets in same positions as they are in Sheet Templates.

To add more or delete Sheets, use these buttons:

Create View - If ticked ON, sheet will be created.

View - name of the View. (In this case it's always Sheet.)

View Name - Enter name of the Sheet.

Sheet Number Postfix - Needed to separate sheets, may be any value.

Sheet Template - Choose an available sheet that already has an assembly created with this configuration. For first 

assembly, leave it as No Template.

Titleblock - Pick Titleblock Family, which should already be Loaded in current project.

Information notes:

    Sheet Number - Value of Mark parameter will be used

    Current Template Project Location - Location of Template project. Template project could be used to copy Sheet Templates from this file. Read more about it in Template Project documentation.