Manage Tables – shows all information about all already linked Excel Spreadsheets and provides a possibility to update or delete them.

Status column:

- Updated!
-File has to be updated!
- Reload! Excel file location has been changed

  • Select – select the spreadsheets that will be deleted or updated.
  • View Name – view name from Revit project.
  • View Type –  view type in a project (Legend, Drafting)
  • Excel Document Path – path to MS Excel file. If you would press on the link, then the tool will open this file with MS Excel program.
  • Date modified – time when excel file was updated and/or saved.
  • Date loaded  – time then excel file was uploaded to Revit project.


*NOTE: If there are more than one spreadsheet uploaded from the same Excel file, but only one of them was modified, the update will be required for all the other spreadsheets as well.