Instructions on how to perform manual activation on the network license server in case your server/workstation internet connection is limited.


1. Navigate to Activation tab > Manual activation.

2. Insert and submit activation code to get a request file.


3. Save those files. A .txt filewill be saved on your workstation:

4. Visit this page on any device that has internet connection to generate and download activation files.

5. Browse for saved files.

6. Activate license.

7. After activation, download newly created license file. 

BIN file will be downloaded automatically:


8. Navigate back to the network license server - http://LocalHost:2468/Web/Activation/Manual - to install activation files.

9. Choose the BIN file.

10. Click Install.

In order to activate licenses for end users, please refer to the FOR END USER section of this article.

If you face any issues, please visit Troubleshooting.